Smelly pebbles…….and old Tup!

On a recent workshop at my dear friend Annie’s I met a lovely lady called Jane and her Mum – we were making Willow Chickens on that occasion – Chatting, I discovered that Jane runs a thriving business over the Scottish (yeay) border supplying beautiful textiles and homeware to Galleries and online. She has the … Continue reading

A Sense of Place – an Exhibition

I’ve never been very good with a sewing machine – always been envious of those talented people who can just ‘run up a curtain’ – and I don’t mean literally! But I needed to learn to at least get to grips with my machine as I was desperate to add freeform embroidery to my felt … Continue reading

Freegle and Caroline

Today we became the proud owners of an aluminium greenhouse courtesy of the lovely Caroline from Warcop and the brilliant Freegle Community………….   Most of you probably know all about Freegle or it’s universal cousin Freecycle – a brilliant conception where those kind people who have something they no longer need advertise it on their … Continue reading

Felting with friends

Sunday afternoon we went to visit my artist friend Sarah Manders and her partner David who live near Hallbankgate just outside Brampton. Their house, set up a track backed by a wood has the most wonderful views of Tindale Fell. David who amongst other things, makes lovely green-wood spoons has just constructed a workshop for her which has … Continue reading

Why hedgewitchandstitch

I was rather a solitary little girl – happiest with my dogs, roaming round the countryside – which was perfectly ok to do in the Scottish Highlands – collecting ‘stuff’ and finding interesting plants to identify later at home. I loved the nooks and crannies of nature – the colours and unusual formations. No camera … Continue reading

Wool on the Wall

Went down to Greenhead yesterday to the Wool on the Wall Event which was really inspiring – plenty of information for those new to the wonders of wool with Thermafleece exhibits, weavers, spinners, peg-looms (I want one of these) and raw fleece for sale. Woolclip, Natural Born Dyers, Ellie Langley and Eden Gotland Sheep were … Continue reading

Hello world!

Inspired by the natural world from an early age I remember walking through the woods, glens and unspoiled beaches around the North East of the Scottish Highlands where I grew up. I would marvel at the colours and forms of plants particularly the way that Mother Nature would overcome any obstacle to cover man made … Continue reading