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It’s never the way you remember it……..

……is it, though. Never as good as you remembered it was – except if it was the 60’s and then you wouldn’t remember it anyway – although I have vague flashes of hedonistic times and sometimes still burst out laughing for no good reason – why is that, anyway….? Anyhoo – back to the present! … Continue reading

The Black Dog……………then and now

When I started this Blog I determined that it would not only be about my attempts at creativity but about my determined, lifelong and tortuous  journey to get to this place – the happiest I’ve been in many years; and what I’ve discovered about myself along the way. From the bleak title you will see that I’ve … Continue reading

Recycling and money…….

Yesterday while we were rock pooling in Whitley Bay with my Grandson, my daughter asked me ‘…..if money were no object – would you still buy all your clothes and materials from the Charity Shops, pick up found objects, use Freecycle and adopt animals from Rescue Homes……’ Didn’t take even a heartbeat for me to … Continue reading


I’ve just been reading a great little book  called Surfaces and Textures by Polly O’Neil with some fabulous and unusual photographs of urban and rural textures and have decided that this is my new project. I dabble in a very amateur way with a very basic camera taking photos or snaps I guess they are really but I’ve … Continue reading