Woolly matters……….

Spent a great afternoon with the lovely and incredibly busy Nickie of Eden Gotland Sheep at her farm, Scalerigg, situated between Renwick and Kirkoswald at the foot of Hartside Pass……….What a glorious view – I even saw the wee house at the top of Hartside and the visibility wasn’t that great. Imagine what it must be like on a clear day!

We went there to learn a bit about using raw, washed fleece with my Birthday present peg loom and to buy some fleece. Nickie showed us a Tup’s fleece from this year’s shear which was humongous. Shades ranging from charcoal grey/black to the softest pale white with the merest hint of grey ripple through the entire length with curls in contrasting colours. We also saw a Texel shearing and John’s amazing 1920’s restored Sample Carder machine which I would love to see in action……

A quick lesson in the best way to wash and deodorise Tup’s wool and we headed home with a bootful of the softest, locally produced Gotland fleeces and various feathers gleaned from Nickie’s menagerie of geese/ducks/chickens – no idea what these are for but they were just begging to be used somewhere.


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