Recycling and money…….

Yesterday while we were rock pooling in Whitley Bay with my Grandson, my daughter asked me ‘…..if money were no object – would you still buy all your clothes and materials from the Charity Shops, pick up found objects, use Freecycle and adopt animals from Rescue Homes……’

Didn’t take even a heartbeat for me to say yes!

It is National Zero Waste Week  this week and reading through all the amazing posts on Facebook my meagre recycling efforts pale in comparison with the sterling efforts of some brilliant UK recyclists – and I’ve picked up several great new ideas – especially for plastic bottles in the garden…….

Here I go waaaayyyy off kilter (see below)

I’ve already mentioned the glorious unspoiled area of the high North Pennines where I am privileged to live and I make full use of this open space believe me – along with the many walkers who walk the Pennine Way and the cyclists who use the punishing C2C cycleway right across the country from West Coast to East – but………………….

Daily I pick up bloody plastic drinks bottles, sandwich wrappers, lost gloves (usually neon green) in the most isolated places and cart them home to recycle. I understand that cycling/walking is hard going and that carrying excess baggage seems wasteful but I do it all on your behalf…..

People come up here for the scenery, the solitude and the wild countryside then proceed to spoil it all – grrrrrrrr!!!

Anyway – rant over and back to Charity shopping – I love using vintage fabrics and pieces which have had a previous life in my work and on my back. Mainly I choose linen, cotton, denim and finer materials with an open weave that I can felt into – and pure unwashable wool of course, though not so much of that around these days.

The material has a softness, the colours a slight faded quality, the articles a slightly worn texture which delights me – the fabric has a story if you like. The workmanship, detail and sheer desire to have made something to last are apparent and it’s my privilege to re-use them in a new, contemporary and interesting way –

Recycling is always in fashion……..x


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