I’ve just been reading a great little book  called Surfaces and Textures by Polly O’Neil with some fabulous and unusual photographs of urban and rural textures and have decided that this is my new project.

I dabble in a very amateur way with a very basic camera taking photos or snaps I guess they are really but I’ve always longed to develop a real skill in this regard – I try hard to take close-up’s but they always turn out to be blurred and out of focus when I get them home!!! For each 20 photos I take I will save one perhaps – can’t seem to find classes near enough to travel to – :0(.

I’m still trying to develop my own style in my craft and feel drawn towards replicating texture with wool and fabric. If I could train my eye to look a little closer at the most mundane objects as Polly has done – and that usually means isolating a small piece of the whole frame – closing in and capturing the lines, peeling paint, cracks, faded colours and fissures then I would have a reference point to translate onto felt.

Have I told you how much I love felt………it’s so malleable, colourful (or not), adaptable and works so well with other textiles!

Anyway – that’s a whole other Blog right there – back to the subject……

Yes. I think it’s all about training the eye to look closer and more objectively – instead of capturing the whole flower head I need to go in and capture the veining, stigma etc – and I’m going to start today………………..x


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