A Sense of Place – an Exhibition

I’ve never been very good with a sewing machine – always been envious of those talented people who can just ‘run up a curtain’ – and I don’t mean literally! But I needed to learn to at least get to grips with my machine as I was desperate to add freeform embroidery to my felt pieces.

Earlier this year I spotted a workshop at Allendale Forge run by Pat Ashton Smith called ‘Make Friends with your Sewing Machine’ and decided that this was exactly what I needed…….

Pat was great – friendly, obviously an experienced tutor but with the flexibility to accommodate each student’s individual aspirations. Turned out I needed a different sewing machine altogether as the model I have didn’t ‘let the feed dogs down’ so I could swivel the needle in any direction unimpeded by the fabric catching. But I learned to work with the machine I had then and have never been afraid of it since.

She has an exhibition currently showcasing her prodigious skills at Allendale Forge all the rest of July and we popped over today to see it. Well worth a look – Joss Wrigg an amazing Sculptural needle-felter also has a few items on display and you can get a nice cuppa there too…….

Pat has a studio there and runs popular workshops throughout the year – check them out

Come and see my work 🙂


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