Freegle and Caroline

Today we became the proud owners of an aluminium greenhouse courtesy of the lovely Caroline from Warcop and the brilliant Freegle Community………….


Most of you probably know all about Freegle or it’s universal cousin Freecycle – a brilliant conception where those kind people who have something they no longer need advertise it on their local site instead of dumping it and those who might be able to use it, recycle it or turn it into something else respond, collect and give it a good home. The criteria is no animals and no cash – sounds good to me! If you wait long enough you will eventually be lucky and over the years I’ve been lucky enough to receive some amazing things and to offer reasonable returns –


Why we need a greenhouse will become obvious when I tell you that we live right on top of the gloriously wild but very exposed North Pennines. Over the top of Hartside Pass, once listed as one of the 10 most scenic drives in Britain. We have a very short growing season, little depth of topsoil and these past few winters have been extremely harsh – this year we have managed to grow a few lettuce but that’s about all – the upside is no agriculture except the most beautiful natural hayfields so no chemical spraying and a rich clayey soil which is full of nutrients.


In the past I have tried to build up a Physic Garden which includes quite a few Mediterranean type plants only to lose them every winter. I take loads of cuttings but it means I never get mature plants. Now I am interested in growing plants to dye wool with – a completely different direction but very exciting!

I’m amazed at just what people are able to grow up here – but, for success all have a little help……now so do I.

Come and see my work 🙂


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