Felting with friends

Sunday afternoon we went to visit my artist friend Sarah Manders and her partner David who live near Hallbankgate just outside Brampton. Their house, set up a track backed by a wood has the most wonderful views of Tindale Fell. David who amongst other things, makes lovely green-wood spoons has just constructed a workshop for her which has made me extremely jealous and we (my daughter, grandson and I) went down to see just what a good job he has made of it – and do some felting……..

Sarah has been given some Norwegian fleece which we were going to use for 3D felt vessels but I just couldn’t work out how to use it – it seemed to have two layers – like Herdwick – with a short thick layer next the skin (with lovely curls) and a long outer layer of wavy fleece over the top…….perhaps someone would be kind enough to tell me how to prepare it for felting –

Not to be defeated we used Nickie Kirkby’s gorgeous Gotland wool which I had bought that morning from Wool on the Wall and made some great pots – here are my daughter and my grandson’s efforts – mine’s not finished yet……honest!

Come and see my work 🙂


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