Why hedgewitchandstitch

I was rather a solitary little girl – happiest with my dogs, roaming round the countryside – which was perfectly ok to do in the Scottish Highlands – collecting ‘stuff’ and finding interesting plants to identify later at home. I loved the nooks and crannies of nature – the colours and unusual formations. No camera in these days to capture what I saw – but I filled notebooks with crude drawings, feathers, dried flowers etc. My most memorable moment came when I spotted a Capercaillie in the woods – wish I’d had a camera then!!!!

As I grew up my interest in plants led me into research of traditional, cottager remedies for ailment, wounds, animal tonics etc. and I began to collect and grow these sometimes unassuming botanicals to make skincare products, gleaning the ingredients from unpolluted grass verges and the wild. Locals jokingly referred to me as the Hedgewitch………

This connection with nature seemed so natural to me that I began to study who these ‘Wyse Women’ were – solitary women likewise connected to the natural world who brewed up cures for ailments in their community and were revered for their skills. This tag seemed to fit my philosophy on life in general and I am proud to be associated with this gentle way of  life.

The stitch part of my Blog title refers, of course, to the exciting  direction my life has taken so recently when I have returned to another of my first loves which is working with textiles, especially wool and I wake up each day brimful of ideas I can’t wait to explore……

This career change comes late in life which is quite sad but it’s never too late and I intend to travel this road with glee and see how far it takes me…..hope you’ll join me – x

Come and see my work 🙂


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